Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Daniel Mason Body Analysis

VERY interesting to watch myself on mute! I notice that most of the time I am leaning sideways on the podim in a semi-relaxed, informal way. This shifts my balance entirely to one side. As a result, one hand is used as support by holding on to the podium and the other one swings wildly around sometimes, especially when I talk about the cats haha. Also, it is obvious that I am reading most of my speech, and I'm a tall guy so I'm a little hunched over my laptop.

For this speech I was definitely going for an informal tone, but I didn't realize the effect leaning on the podium would have on my balance and gestures. Also, I was trying to not be hunched over the laptop, but I used it as a crutch and it affected my posture and breathing.

3 goals for postural improvement:

  1. Stand up straight and perhaps place hands on podium to help with posture and breathing
  2. Have more control over my hand gestures, making them more intentional and therefore more effective in relaying my message
  3. Hopefully with the better posture and squaring my shoulders to the audience, the eye contact will naturally come along with. 

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