Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Anaelia Ovalle- Analyzing the Body

I decided to watch 1 minute of my tribute and past, present, future speech. Surprisingly enough, I found some common actions that occur when I speak over passionate topics. Firstly, I am the queen of velociraptor hands, dear god. I didn’t think it was to such a radical extent. I noticed that as I made a point to emphasize, I’d viciously shake my hands, stress my fingers, and face my palms to each other. And as awesome as that looks to me, I know that it’s a sign of stress. Likewise, I see that my shoulders are very tense and I look like a hurdled turtle as I speak. I may attribute this to energy centers regarding the burden area, throat center, and heart center. Since the beginning of class, I struggled with opening up and engaging the audience in new ways that correspondingly made feel vulnerable (heart center). Even as a child, I noticed that my shoulders took the most stress, especially when playing music. When I play the piano or viola, my shoulders also tense and tighten-to the point where my instructor had to push my shoulders down.

Therefore, before I speak I would like to do several things. Firstly, I’d like to try full-blown “shaking it out “before. And as I carry the most stress in my neck and shoulders, I’d like to try the neck exercise done today to relax those muscles. I would also like to relax my hands as I speak by having my palms loose and facing up instead of being in attack mode.

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