Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Maren Blair - Body Posture Analysis

After watching several videos of myself focusing on my body movements, most of my movement rotates around my hips. I see that my feet are grounded, but I skip from one side of the room to another from my hips. The rate at which I do this is a bit distracting. My pelvic plexuses and/or sacral spinal area overcompensate for my fear of rejection. I am very conscious of criticism and judgment from others. Although I am not consciously concerned with survival, the profuse movement in that area may suggest fears of impotence, frigidity. 

My hand gestures are varied and help move the speech along. Without sound, they seem to be emphasizing certain points that I (as an observer) want to know about. I take this as a success; my hand gestures are engaging and significant to my speech. Most are applied around the upper chest near my heart where emotions are centered. I was surprised with the size of some of my emotions; some took more space than I was expecting. The sizeable amount of space I occupied during these few seconds suggests comfort, confidence when speaking. 

My goals for body postural improvement include making more eye contact with my audience. I observed a lot of searching eyes, eyes to the upper left corner of the room, and a lot of looking just above everyone’s heads. I would also like to work on talking to one side of the audience for longer periods of time and then spending quality time with the other half. Flipping back and forth too much demonstrates nervousness and doesn’t establish the connection I want to have with my audience. Finally, I would like to practice standing still at appropriate times. During serious parts of my tribute speech, I pulled this off for a few milliseconds. I believe that standing still can also speak for my speech.

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