Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vocal analysis

In the recorded conversation I am talking to my boyfriend and we are literally just talking about the recording, we have equal authority except for the fact that I am leading the conversation in order to get him to speak on recording. In my speech, I would say I technically have authority because I have the “stage” standing up at the podium while everyone else is sitting. I think I am expected to be more authoritative in my speech while in the conversation I’m expected to speak in a causal manner since we have equal authority and it is just a regular conversation.In the conversation my average pitch is 63.39 and average loudness is -27.06 and in the speech the average pitch is  64.68 and the average loudness recording is -23.4 so my pitch is higher and the loudness is higher as well. Most likely because I am trying to speak up so everyone can hear me. Also my voice seems to fluctuate a lot more in my speech than in the conversation.In the conversation my pitch and loudness stays the same for the most part, I’m actually pretty monotoned but at times my voice goes up or gets louder, especially when it gets to a part where I am a little giggly or feeling really awkward or questionable as to if I am recording or doing the assignment right.The other persons average pitch in the conversation is 64.20 while their average loudness is -27.56 which is very similar to my loudness and pitch so it seems we may be mimicking each other.In the speech I definitely sound nervous because of how fast I spoke. In the conversation I think I sound a little awkward and boring just because I was speaking about nothing and feeling pressured to make a conversation for the sake of the recording. We are both pretty dull and monotoned in the recording except for when there is a little bit of a disagreement when he tells me I am not recording and at that time I think there was a little of a submissive attitude on my part as I look to see if I was actually recording or not but for the most part we mimic each other. I think he is mimicking me because he does not know what I am supposed to get out of the conversation for the assignment so he sort of follows my lead.I think that I would recommend that I take more pauses and deep breathes in my speech, I should speak slower and enunciate more in order to speak with more authority. I think focusing on slowing down and stoping when I need breaths would help me do this. I think that the fluctuation in my voice throughout my actual speech is a good thing because it keeps the speech from getting too monotoned and in turn boring to listen to, however I need to make sure that my voice goes up at the right time and not at the end of a sentence because it could sound as if I am asking a questions or am unsure of what I am saying and in my speech I really don't want to come across like that. I want to speak authoritatively and with confidence.

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