Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shannon O'Mara Voice Analysis Reflection

The context of the first recording is a conversation between my roommate and myself. We were discussing our plans for the next day. The second recording is a conversation between Norah and myself. Throughout the conversation we were discussing what Norah had for lunch. They differ in the sense that Norah is talking about actions that happened in the past and Liz and I were talking about future plans. Both of these dialogues consisted of a basic conversation between two peers. The flow of conversation was very easy and comfortable. These conversations are very typical conversations so they sounded natural. The average pitch and loudness of my own voice in these recordings is -22 (loudness) and 64 (pitch) while the other persons average pitch and loudness is -27 (loudness) and 65 (pitch). 
Throughout both conversations the other person speakers with a higher pitch and loudness. There are multiple times throughout the conversations where I tend to mimic the pitch and loudness. There were times when Liz's inflection would rise and so would mine. When observing both of the conversations both people in the conversation seem to be balanced, but I believe that if I were to record a conversation with someone who is seen as higher than me there would be a difference in loudness and pitch because of the comfortability of both members of the conversation. For my future speeches I need to focus on using an effective pitch and loudness that matches the theme and need from the prompt. 

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