Sunday, April 20, 2014


Meet up with your partner to read or explain the CPR you wrote for them and discuss: What evaluative insights you gained from watching the video and creating a CPR, and how this differed from your initial reactions to the speech
    • The differences in reaction to the CPR written about you versus the feedback session after your speech
    • How evaluating your partner’s work made you think about your own work differently
    • What you see as the benefits and drawbacks of Alexander’s approach
  • Peer Critiques and Cultural Perspectives
    • "Perception Sunrays" activity - You are going to be disclosing different aspects of your identity and other class members are going to be responding with perceptions of that identity. Remember that your words are powerful and as communicators, we must be respectful of all. While stereotypes you may use might be negative stereotypes, hurtful statements will not be tolerated.
    1. Draw a small figure in the middle of your paper representing yourself. Leave enough room for lots of added content around it
    2. Add four lines like the rays of the sun; again be aware of leaving room.
    3. At the end of the lines, draw two lines forming the letter "V"
    4. Walk around the room and add perceptions regarding two of your classmates' identities
    5. When done, please return to your seat and examine your sheet
  • Reflection questions
    1. Which perceptions were accurate?
    2. Which perceptions were stereotypes?
    3. Did any of the perceptions surprise you? Why?
    4. How do people's perceptions of your identity affect how you feel about these identities?
    5. How do you think these identities/labels have influenced your speeches?

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