Sunday, April 20, 2014


When Max stood up at the podium his body language indicated an open nature to which he would deliver his speech. He stood up in the front of the room not only confident in what he was about to say to the rest of the class but also eager to share his thoughts in the moment. In the opening lines of his speech he managed to create a formal atmosphere by referring to his father in formal manner while simultaneously creating a conversational feel to his speech as well by the different ways he spoke of his father.
A man worthy of a sons respect
A man that treats those he loves the way they deserve
A man that leads in an honorable way
A man who is not afraid to advocate for his family
Richard Robertson

Throughout the entire speech I was in awe with Max's confidence and the way he delivered his speech. His demeanor was extremely positive which allowed me to fulling develop an understanding of the type of influence that his father has had on his life. His conversational tone made it very easy to follow along with as well as the way he carried himself. I feel as though I have developed a genuine understanding of the type of person that Richard Robertson is. One of the only moments of distraction for me was fairly rare during his speech. There were only a few times when Max would start out a point strong but finish it with less emotional investment and more as a statement that he wanted to get through, although this is just a slight shift in the speech as a whole.

Alexander advocates strongly for using a poetic or artistic response in regard to the evaluation of student works. By incorporating this method, he engages the students in a new way which proves to be more beneficial for the advancement of a students work as opposed to the stereotypical evaluation. Using a poetic or artistic response is much more suitable for the critique of a student's performance.

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  1. I think this is a great response to Max's speech, and I agree with the observation of Max's confidence and positive demeanor. We mentioned in class that it seemed like Max wasn't even reading off a script.