Monday, April 21, 2014

CPR for Courtney - Sarah Tornatzky

From the minute that Courtney rose to the podium, she took the audience to a different place. I felt as is I were at her and her sisters birthday party, anxiously waiting to hear more about the both of them. Little did I know that Courtney would have her audiences immersed into a slideshow of wonderful pictures and memories that her and her twin have shared. As the presentation moved forward, I became increasingly intrigued to hear more and more about Courtney's life with her twin sister. She seemed so happy and excited to share with us a few memories that would make all of us feel the same happiness as we would become filled with laughter and joy.

It started from the beginning
We all became intrigued by Courtneys excitement of "twinning".
You could see it in her eyes,
The known element of surprise
A twin? Sister? Best friend?
She presented her stories with an excitement you could hear in her voice
Her and her sisters life together, what an excellent choice
Through some nervous hiccups and minimum inconsistency with posture,
She owned that podium, she made her speech seem entirely pure.
Courtney made her audiences want to hear more
On the edges of our seats, it was anything but a bore

I love how throughout Courtney's speech she maintained an energy that would spread to her entire audience. This energy and excitement to share her tribute for her sister made all of us feel as of we were someplace else, captivated by her stories. The photo presentation made her speech come to life. It's one thing hearing about someone, however, Courtney effectively incorporated the excitement and happiness of sisterhood into her speech and slideshow, weaving it all together as she progressed through the tribute.
The only ineffectiveness I found in her speech was the somewhat inconsistent body posture and eye contact. Although Courtney made the entire room feel like we were in another place, more individual eye contact with the audience would have made her entire speech that much better, elevating the effectiveness and success of it. Aside from the minor, easily fixable presentation methods, Courtney's speech was extremely entertaining and fun to experience.

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