Monday, May 19, 2014

Blog Post (& Print Out Assignment) - Speech Prep Tools

Please post to the blog and print out/bring to class:

  • A rough thesis for your advocacy speech
  • 1-3 potential counterarguments against your thesis
  • 2-3 goals for improving your vocal technique during your speech (be specific, i.e. "keep the energy in my voice throughout the entire sentence or phrase," or "avoid letting my inflection rise at the end of sentences," rather than vague statements).
Please bring your laptop to class - you will not need headphones.


  1. Thesis: United to end Genocide is an organization that helps with teaching people about genocide and helping these people get involved in the movement to help the situation. Genocide is a huge problem in our world today and one that needs to gain more recognition in the media so that people can become more involved in helping this crisis struck places.

    Counter Arguements:

    1. We have too many problems in the US to worry about other places around the world.

    2. you can not help genocides unless you are standing there with a gun and fighting with the people.

    3. media should not show more about genocides because it is a terrible thing and to depressing for our society and therefore would not get any ratings.

    Goals for improving Vocal Techniques:

    1. I have to focus my mind on other things other then my speech before i go up in order to keep my nerves down before I go up

    2. Work on keeping my pitch consistent and and keeping my energy up in my voice throughout the speech

    3. Avoid being too loud during my speech but also make sure I am projecting my voice.

  2. Save The Over-bred Puppies, or STOP, is an organization dedicated to the liberation of dogs and puppies exploited by puppy mill owners. There is no need for pure-bred puppy mills due to the overwhelming number of shelter dogs available for adoption that are just as companionable and are often healthier than their in-bred counterparts. STOP calls for the public to stop buying puppies from puppy mills and the pet stores that they supply in order to stop the demand and end the problem while at the same time providing homes for shelter dogs.

    Potential Counterarguments
    1. People that believe pure- bred dogs are superior and are the only real option would counter that shelter animals are not a substitute
    2. This is America and people are allowed to breed their pets as they wish

    Goals for Improving Performance
    1. Keep the pitch of my voice steady throughout the sentence
    2. Do not stop talking when making eye contact with the audience

  3. Thesis:
    The rate of incarceration on the United States is higher than any other country. I propose alternate punishments for nonviolent criminals as well as better rehabilitation when inmates are released from prison, increasing their odds of not committing another crime after their punishment is over.

    Counter Arguments:
    Those who have broken the law should be strictly punished or they may not learn their lesson in prison and commit crimes again.

    More criminals in society if someone was to commit a crime and not go to prison.

    If they are not in prisons they will not get adequate rehabilitation

    Goals for improving vocal techniques:

    I will first try to breathe well before hand and open up my neck/shoulders/chest which should help my nerves and strength in my voice.

    I will also try to speak slower and annunciate more.

    I will also work on finishing sentences strong and not trailing off towards the end as if I am unsure.

  4. Thesis:
    Wounded Warrior Project, many people already know what this organization does for those returning from action, they want to raise public awareness for the needs of injured service members. Their mission is to "foster the most successful, well-developed generation of wounded service members in our nation's history."

    1. The military receives enough benefits
    2. People believe that the military is "bleeding the country dry financially" and they don't need more money

    Goals for Improving Vocal Techniques:
    1. Focus on improving eye contact
    2. Improve on maintaining consistency in the vocal pitch of my voice
    3. Communicate with more open and inviting body language to make the listeners feel more involved.