Monday, May 19, 2014

Goals for Improving Vocal Techniques:

1. Try to maintain a constant and consistent tone of voice, and don't let it alter if I get nervous.
2. Keep eye contact with audiences more often than I usually do, and back it up with a consistent tone of voice to really connect with audience members.
3. Don't let my voice alter when I come to the conclusion of my speech, i.e. don't sound "tired".

Advocacy Speech Thesis:

·      “Respect Your Mountains” is an organization that creates awareness about protecting these mountain areas. The main goals are to promote sustainable mountain tourism while drawing attention to these areas. The organization empowers mountain tourists and the mountain industries to adopt effective actions to reduce their impact, while building a sustainable future. We are here to talk about ways you can simply do your part, and we want to discuss further ideas that need to be put in place on a larger scale.

Potential Counterarguments:

1. Isn't there already some organization out there that focuses on these issues?
2. How is sustainable mountain based actions different from any other different sustainability campaign?
3. HOW will these efforts help, and WHAT are they? They aren't listed in the thesis specifically, but do they need to be?

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