Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Body Analysis

Throughout my speech my body language was generally very closed off. My eye contact as a whole was extremely limited, I spent a majority of the speech looking down and just glancing up. I knew that by not visually addressing the crowd I would feel less nervous, and that is my method for coping with giving a speech. I also noticed that I tended to sway slightly, leading mostly with my shoulders. This aspect again can be attributed to nervousness. My lower body remained to be very motionless throughout the duration of the speech. While watching myself, I realized that the body habits that were present in my speech were distracting without the actual vocal content of the speech, and so they most likely were just as much so with them as well. By opening my body up I will have a much more successful speech. The three goals that I have are making more eye contact, planting my feet firmly to eliminate any squirming that I might have, and finally approaching the speech with confidence that will help to prove that I can make a better presentation.

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