Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Advocacy Speech Mohammed

General Idea:

Most of teachers have different sections of classes at schools or university. Therefore, they will spend much time with questions for quizzes and / or final exams since they have different sections. Moreover, most of the time, teachers are going to face a problem by having similar question for different sections. Therefore, this application will help them to put questions inside an application and then this application will pick random questions and so on

Advocacy Speech Thesis:

An application or a flash card for tests and quizzes which is going to pick random question from a pool and will not go repeat the same questions for ten years, and this application produces the models of different exams, and it makes a store place such as data-bank or database of questions that related to the subject or the class.

Counterarguments Against Thesis:

1- It's already excite such as Blackboard.
2- There are other ideas like flash card such as "quiz-let"
3- It'll ask the teacher to put thousands of questions which they are not going to be shown for the next 10 days.

1- I'll try to speak clearly and a void bad pronunciation.
2- I'll try to stay on my note and not jumping to other point then come back to the previous one.

3- Stop doing aaaa,,um-mm, and try to pause.

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