Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Anaelia Ovalle- Advocacy Speech

I. Thesis:
During adolescence (13-19), it is absolutely crucial to support and facilitate a youth’s transition into adulthood. By providing educational services and resources that break down stigmas regarding family, individualism, mental illness, and adolescence, individuals will be able to nurture their mental and emotional well-being. 

II. Counterarguments:
1)   Lack of acknowledgement: Children, young people, and adults continue to live in a society where there is a stigma and discrimination around mental health. This makes them less likely to identify, manage, and seek support for their mental health, losing opportunities for early intervention a promotion of positive mental health.

2)    Jumping to conclusions:  There is a mistake in assuming that the existence of a biological correlate of some behavior demonstrates that the behavior cannot be changed. Some changes in brain structure and function that take place during adolescence are relatively impervious to environmental influence. But also known that the brain is malleable, and there is a good deal of evidence that adolescence is a period of especially heightened neuroplasticity. This is why this period pertains to such high vulnerability to many forms of mental illness.

III. Goals for improving vocal technique:  
1)    Avoid speaking too quickly out of nervousness by focusing on breathing before and during speech.
2)    Maintain focused vocal energy throughout the entire piece without diving into a separate tangent

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