Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Body Analysis

It is very bizarre to intently focus on your body language and try to make conscious decisions to improve it. Additionally, it is interesting to watch such an emotionally charged speech without the audio. I feel like I do not do a great job in my video of portraying the emotion with body language alone. I feel like I don't consciously decide what I am doing with my body in the speech, and instead let my body sort of follow my speech. I feel like I could communicate much more effectively if I involved my whole body in the speech.

I seem to carry a lot of tension in my shoulders, which I think is due to how nervous I am. This area is a "burden area", where one feels stress when they feel "the weight of the world on their shoulders". I think that this is due to how emotionally charged this speech was, and how much pressure that I felt in the time following Matt's death. Additionally, I don't make much eye contact with the audience, and seem to be stressed through my neck as well. 

Goals for Body Postural Improvement:
1. Carry less stress in my shoulders.
2. Do not look down so intensely, be more aware of the audience and use more eye contact.
3. Make conscious decisions regarding body movement to improve the quality of my speech.

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