Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Advocacy Speech Thesis, Counterarguments, Goals

I believe there is a need for a change in our focus in education. The way students are taught has not changed in generations. As time progresses and we advance as a civilization, things change, evolve and advance over time, education should be no different. I argue that the current format of education does not inspire the full potential of all students and I advocate to change this. I propose we move from a history-based education to a system that focuses upon our specific place in time relative to the expanse of time that truly exists, before and after us. Instead of limiting our thought process to the past, I would suggest we present information in a way that encourages a view that frames us (the present) as an instance in the long expansion of time (past, present, future). It would not require a massive restructuring of the education system and I feel it may inspire students that would have otherwise not been interested. Greater education in concepts involving the universe, time, space-time, historical events extending to the origin of the planet itself have the potential to open the mind of students to a greater understanding of their place and purpose.

1. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Education has done us well so far, look at where we are.
2. There are plenty of other problems in education besides "inspiration" to fix. How about better funding?
3. Theoretical concepts and history NOT involving human civilization is unnecessary information to learn about. Kids need to know about who fought who and how countries came to be.

1. My biggest goal is to organize this speech. I have not tried putting these concepts into words before, so organizing them into a meaningful speech that sends the message across that I want will be a challenge.
2. Taking my time and using pauses will be important so I don't get lost in my notes/outline while giving my speech.
3. Taking a moment before I speak. Not jumping right into it.

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