Monday, May 19, 2014

Maren's Blog Assignment (Advocacy Prep)

Advocacy Thesis: Music education is essential in today’s schools not only because the intellectual stimulation is beneficial to learning processes, but the emotional stimulation of music is invaluable to a child’s ability to connect with other human beings. 

1.       The place for music education is not in formal schools. Time and money could be better spent on more universal subjects. Cut music education and expenses such as musical instruments, music teachers, travel costs, etc. are eliminated.
2.       Music education will still be available through private lessons for those who are interested. We are no longer forcing students to learn music if not desired.
3.       Students do not continue participation in music programs after graduation. This makes the investment more difficult to support. 

1.       At the end of my sentences, I would like to keep the volume of my voice constant. I tend to fade which makes it difficult for the audience to understand.
2.       In general, I would like to speak louder and therefore take more control of the room when I speak.

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