Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Body Language Analysis Exercise

Ways to make a yogic approach to the body more accessible to our class

  • Muscular effects of "Work Mode" posture 
    • How do you sit when you are typing or driving?
    • Upper trapezius muscles tighten
      • Relates to throat chakra
    • Chest caves in
      • Relates to heart chakra
    • Upper back muscles weaken
      • Back of heart chakra
    • Core disengages and weaken
      • Solar plexus chakra
    • Hip flexor tighten AND weaken
      • Sacral chakra
    • Idea is that when your body mimics this posture by carrying the patterns in your body (samskara) into your speech, your mental/emotional state will also mimic the patterns of stress, burden, responsibility, etc. 
    • This mimics early evolutionary survival mode posture!
  • Plexus System - Parallels to chakras
    • Plexus - bundle of nerves; parallel to energy center
    • Example -Solar Plexus/Celiac Plexus - contains the celiac ganglia
      • Part of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system ( heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, salivation, perspiration, pupillary dilation, micturition (urination), sexual arousal, breathing and swallowing)
  • Exercises
    • Shoulder/neck opening exercise
    • Standing rooting exercise

Body Language Analysis Assignment
  • Watch 30 sec - 1 minute of one of your speeches on Video Manager ON MUTE
  • Observe any distractions and successes in body language
  • Connect the areas of the body (chakras, plexuses, overall postural cues) with an emotional/mental narrative/explanation/account - 1 to 2 paragraphs on the blog
  • Create top 3 goals for body postural improvement in speech - write these at the bottom of your print out for today
Group Work- Groups of 4
  • Share your thesis
  • Help your group members create an introduction around the thesis
    • Authenticity
    • Balance of Pathos/Logos
    • Attention Getters
  • Share your vocal and body postural goals before delivering your introduction to your group members
  • Group members will then evaluate a.) success in achieving these goals and b.) propose potential counterarguments; speakers will compare those counter arguments with the ones they have prepared - note if any unexpected perspectives arose (and be sure to account for these in crafting your speech!)
  • Refine and repeat as many times as necessary
One-On-Ones (Continued- I will try my hardest to stay on time!)

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  1. I shuffle my feet around all over the place. I don't look up very much. My body is hunched over my note cards, which I hold with the velociraptor-like hands. I look up all the time. My hands and arms shake really bad.

    All put together, I look very nervous. That makes sense, because I was very nervous. That connects to my fear chakra, and my lack of openness or fear of sharing what I believe. That comes from the hunched posture and looking up at the ceiling or down at my notes and nowhere in between. I also seem to be breathing really fast. That is either due to fear leading to excess adrenaline or my allergies not letting me breathe through my nose.