Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Advocacy Speech Prep - Amy Wagner

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms have become widespread in recent years; with this, there are many risks to the individual. Numerous research studies have been conducted that have brought to light the potential health threats associated with GMO consumption. There are also many legal issues involved, fundamentally because corporations are placing patents on living organisms. Awareness about what GMOs are and the risks they carry should be made common knowledge among the citizenry, and corporations should be required to label products containing GMOs so that consumers can make an informed choice about whether they wish to consume such foods.

Potential Counterarguments
1.       GMOs have the potential to solve, or at least significantly abate, world hunger if utilized in an efficient manner.
2.       People have been modifying genetics of crops for thousands of years, so this is really nothing new.

Goals for Improving Vocal Technique:
1.       I will maintain even breath throughout the duration of each sentence and phrase in order to confidently project my voice, rather than fading off at the end of sentences.
2.       I will continue to speak more extemporaneously with minimal reliance on my outline.

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