Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Body Posture in Video

I've noticed with my body posture through out my speeches, a few correctable things. First, I've noticed that I tend to stand up straight at first, then progressively slouch over more and more as the speech goes on. I want to work on keeping a constant stance through out my presentations. Also, I've noticed that I tend to look down at my outline while speaking, and I want to try to not do that so much, while working on trying to make better eye contact with my audiences. One last thing I've noticed is that I tend to fidget with my hands a lot while speaking, and I want to try to remind myself to not do that, especially because it really shows how nervous I can be at times.

Moving forward, I want to take away some yoga calming and body posture methods we have discussed, and implement them in my speeches when I am standing in front of others. I believe that keeping a calm, and straight body posture will both help me relax a little more, and will portray a better sense of confidence towards my audiences.

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