Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mohammed's Vocal Analysis

The first file is sounds like I am enthusiastic and I cannot hold my passion, so I get a little bit afraid while talking. Also, this was about the elevator pitch which was about an application that give the users opportunity to know the places and the prices up to date and close for the users. The sound on this file seems to be high since I am presenting an idea of an application that I want to support, and the environment was such that I am talking to people to be hired, so I was not comfortable and afraid of get my idea rejected. Moreover, in this audio file, I seemed to have an idea of what I am talking about because I was prepared for it.
Context: I was in talking in front of my classmates and my teacher. I was nervous and especially when I am talking in front of native speakers.
Power Dynamics: I was afraid of losing points and afraid of saying something that I do not realize and then be in trouble. Therefore, I was focusing more on getting more credits than losing.
Effective Environment: I was focusing in getting my classmates and the teacher attention because the topic was important to me, so I wanted to get their attention in order to get my attention and say more about the topic too.
Social Expectations/Norms: I was expected that my classmates would not care too much about the idea because it seems very helpful for international people; however, I tried to add as many as I can to make them love the idea of it.
The second file seems that I was very slow and was talking with high level of talking because I was not under pressure and my throat was strong a little bit after getting the flu. In addition, my friend and me were talking about LaLiga which is a part of soccer games and a little about what the popular teams are doing with LaLiga. The sound on this file is a little bit quite because I am talking normally with my friend and having fun with our speech. As well, my friend was talking very clearly since he is a native speaker and I am not, so he was explaining very well and his sound was medium, he was not talking loudly or quietly. I could see that I am not knowledgeable on LaLiga since I asked him, but also seems that I want to learn or to get a taste about LaLiga especially that I was not prepare for the speech and we just started talking about soccer. However, since I was talking to a native speaker, I was trying to mimic him and try to keep my sound level smellier to his.
Context: I talking to my friend very normal about soccer. Even though, I am not that knowledgeable on soccer but I could talk and participate with my friend without fears.
Power Dynamics: I did not feel that I am under stress and I felt that the conversation had my brain to work because it has been a while since last time I watched something about soccer.
Effective Environment: It was a nice place and there was nothing I care about unless to not get up of two minutes and to stay with what my friend is saying.
Social Expectations/Norms: I am not a knowledge in American culture and they talk about soccer. It was my first time talking with my friend about soccer, and I saw that he used polite words, which I think my other friends who are crazy in soccer will not be like him. However, it is still that some people who might become racist because of soccer, and it is different from one-to-one and culture-to-culture.

          I would act like myself, but I will try to get even a close to the accent, and I am going to talk slow because I could understand myself when I am talking slow and loud instead of being fast with words that are hard to understand while pronouncing them incorrectly. 

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