Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vocal Analysis Exercise Reflection
  Average pitch: 61.1
  Average loudness: -23.82

       In both of my recordings, I was in my friends' room and we were talking about technology and how it affects people. I'm pretty close with all of the five people I was talking with, so all of us were speaking pretty freely. We were not worried about social expectations or norms because we weren't in public. None of us have any authority over each other, so power didn't affect how we spoke. My average pitch and the average loudness were about the same in each. In the first recording, my average pitch was 59.8 and in the second, it was 62.3. My average loudness in the first recording was -26.3 and in the second, it was -25.7. The average pitch of my friends was 64.1 in the first recording and 63.4 in the second. In the first recording, their average loudness was -22.1 and in the second, it was 24.8.
       In our conversations, my friends and I sound very casual. I started recording in the middle of a conversation, so no one sounds awkward or nervous. My friends are not shy at all so knowing that they were being recorded didn't affect how they talked. Personally, I tried to avoid swearing because I was recording, but it turned out I didn't even need to try that hard anyways. In the recordings, I was louder because the microphone was closer to me but in reality, I think that we were talking the same volume. Again, none of us have any real authority over the other so we were all talking equally. During these conversations, I think that my friends and I talked as peers and at the same pitch and volume. Although my volume was louder in the recording, it wasn't like that during the real conversation. A suggestion I would give myself to deliver a more effective speech would be to know when to increase my volume and pitch based on what I am talking about.

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