Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vocal Analysis

The context of this conversation is that I am in the car with my friend Mitch on the way to the hardware store. The conversation was between two friends, so it is very conversational. However, Mitch is a much more vocal and stronger person personality wise than I am, so I feel like he leads the conversation mostly. Additionally, I feel like I mimic Mitch’s pitch and loudness more and more as the conversation continues. Mitch is slightly louder than me with an average loudness of about -16, while I have an average loudness of -20. Additionally, my average pitch is about 60, while his is about 70.

The conversation feels very forced, but I think that may just be because we are both conscious that the conversation is being recorded for a class. Objectively, it seems like we take on forced tones as well, but as time goes on I begin to pick up his pitch and voice. Also, it seems like during the conversation we are trying not to laugh as time goes on. I think that if I had done the recording without the knowledge of Mitch, I would have been able to get much more real world data. Additionally, in real conversations there are occasional pauses, however since we knew we were being recorded, I feel that we tried very hard to keep the conversations going consistently. In order to give a more effective speech, I would tell myself to keep my pitch and loudness more even, instead of fading at the end of the sentence. By keeping my loudness and pitch even, it more effectively conveys that I am knowledgeable about my topic.

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