Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sarah Tornatzky - In class post

When I am with my mom and my brother, the context of the conversation affects my vocal expression to a good extent, as my voice tends to be much more casual, and I tend to use smaller words, easier phrases, and my pitch goes a little higher when I am talking to my brother especially. When I am having a conversation with my mom, I am technically a subordinate, because I use the proper tone of voice and proper language, yet I don’t feel myself in general as a subordinate to my mom, because we are more like best friends having a conversation rather than her having a higher power of authority over me. The emotions I feel during a conversation with my family are feelings of comfort, positivity, and content-ness. This reflects onto my conversations, especially through my tone of voice. It measures from casual, to a little higher than my usual, normal tone. The room’s affective milieu usually encompasses a feeling of happiness. The context, power dynamics, affective environment, and social norms all tend to flow together with family conversations, versus contrasting one another.

The average pitch in each of my recordings tends to be around the 60’s range, which I assume is a bit higher than average, as my voice tends to trail off into a weird tone after I talk for a long time. It tends to get louder as I go as well, because I usually start a conversation, and think of more topics to talk about, making me even more excited from the start. Although a bit higher than average, I believe I have a generally good speaking voice, because the subjective qualities I tend to notice are the flow of my voice, and the way I pronounce words. I tend to mimic my mom’s voice at times, especially when she becomes enthused about a situation, and her voice gets higher, just like mine would. When talking with my brother, I tend to mimic his playfulness and my tone of voice tends to become a little higher as a result. In the future, I hope to make my tone of voice more consistent and not so wavering, likewise, I want to pay attention more to the contexts of my speaking and conform my voice ot be appropriate to the situation.

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