Monday, May 12, 2014

Final Paper Assignment

Final Paper - 1200-1500 Words
3 Parts

70 points: Self-Critique CPR:

  • The what of the speech: setting, scene, environmental conditions; tone (gesture, focus, body language); intention behind the speech
  • The how of the speech: clarity of argument, effectiveness of aesthetic choices; memorable phrases, pauses, characterization details; problems - character slippage, lack of familiarity with text/subject, nervousness, vagueness of argument
  • How did you respond upon reviewing the video of your speech?
  • Evaluative descriptions of the speech as a whole: moments of effectiveness/moments of distraction
70 points: Evaluating your progress over the quarter:
  • Strengths/Weaknesses as a speaker at the beginning of the quarter
    • Relating to both CONTENT and DELIVERY
  • Specific applied techniques, moments of growth, and processes of understanding that led to personal improvements as a speaker
    • Be sure to mention any exercises or assignments - videos, reading, etc - that helped to clarify or solidify these moments
  • Where you are as a speaker now, and where you see yourself going in the future - what do you intend to work on, what opportunities do you intend to explore, what will be your role as a public speaker in the future?
60 points: Creative Poetic Response:
  • Use either poem/line form or creative prose to explore a descriptive, subjective reflection on your relationship to the issue that you spoke on for your final project. Include considerations such as:
    • What you learned about your connection to this issue
    • What are the emotionally compelling elements of this issue
    • What are the ethical dilemmas of speaking for others in your approach to this issue? How did you address them?
    • How has performing the role of advocate on behalf of this issue changed the way you connect to this issue

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