Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Courtney Voice Analysis

I was only able to analyze my tribute speech because of computer difficulties. Although I could not collect data on a casual conversation, I know from past experiences that I tend to change my pitch when I get excited in conversations, my friends have pointed it out on multiple occasions. Because of this I found it interesting that I had a pretty steady pitch and volume through out my speech. I assume this was because of the professional setting I was in and the fact that I was reading from a speech and did not change emotions through out my speech. The minimum pitch was 56.08 and the maximum was 71.06 making the average 58.76. My average loudness was -25. In my speech I noticed that my voice was very mellow and while I was talking about my sister, at least in the part I listened to, I did not change emotions often, because of this my pitch and loudness was not altered. I think I did I good job in my speech having a balance through out my speech for my pitch and loudness, the only thing I will try to do in future speeches is to show a little more emotion.

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