Sunday, April 20, 2014

CPR :)!

Anna's speech was beautifully delivered and was easy to relate to because of her use of appropriately chosen examples and anecdotes. She invited her listeners to join her in her appreciation of her family and parents while simultaneously allowing them to understand certain family dynamics.
  • At the beginning of the speech, there was a slight lack of focus, but it was quickly regained!
  • Anna maintained eye contact with the audience throughout the speech
  • The tone was conversational
  • Articulation showed that Anna was reading from a script, but it did not take away from the quality of her speech!
  • Conveyed emotion through intonation and facial expressions
  • Brought up specific examples and anecdots to stress her point throughout the speech
She let me into a beautiful world
of comfort and love that a family holds
and I heard a powerful lesson which mentioned
that uncertainty is okay
and she always knew
that an answer was not always needed
but she never understood it until now

Anna's speech was particularly effective when she related her message to her meaning...she emphasized that her parents were not perfect, and then she proceeded to give examples about how lack of perfection is okay...for instance, she mentioned that her dad did not always have an answer, but that the answer could be the mystery of the question. She also mentioned that her mom would "tell her it's all good," and that sometimes "it's not all good but that's okay."
On emoment of distractin that occured was at the beginning of the speech when Anna didn't seem to be entirely focused. Fortunately, she quickly gained presence and maintained it throughout the speech!

Alexander advocated for using a poetic/artistic response because it causes the person to reflect more deeply about the content of the speech. It requires more thought which often brings up new ideas and perspectives. It is also a critique that allows the responder to show how the speech appealed to his/her emotion, which is important for the speaker to understand while considering his/her delivery.

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