Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Formal Proposal Ideas

1. Hotel for the Elderly
-Old people like to travel but they need more assistance when they do so a hotel that is specialized to assist the elderly on a vacation would be very desirable. This would be very cost effective because old people will pay for the extra fee to be given the assistance they need. This would be very beneficial to the elderly population that do not get the opportunity to travel after a certain point in their lives.
2.  Tablets

- Tablets are very beneficial because they are smaller than computers but they can preform the same tasks. The are also less expensive which makes them very desirable. This would be very beneficial to standard of living because it gives the everyday person and alternate, affordable means of using a computer.
3.  College for Old People
- Many elderly people were not given the opportunity to attend college when they were younger. Now they want to learn about modern technology and history. What is Facebook? How do I make an email? A travel college for retirement homes would be very beneficial in providing knowledge to the older people of society. It would be very desirable and very profitable. This would not only help the elderly that are taking the classes but also all their family members that are constantly dragged in to teaching them how to use their iPhone or laptop.

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