Wednesday, April 30, 2014

elevator pitch ideas

Everyone likes pandora and netflix, well why not combine the two? An app you pay for monthly that give you movies you like based off of previously watched movies and the genre or title you put in to the search. You can rate thumbs up or down to help guide the suggestions. It is very similar to netflix but you can search for movies like a particular movie you enjoyed just like you can with a song on Pandora. This way people can explore new movies and get better more customized suggestions based off of what they like. It would be a cheap fee each month (around $10) but there would be ads on the app and between movies as well. It wouldn't cost much to product because it is all electronic. Because its a monthly draft, people pay even when they are not using it and shortly the money put in will come back.

A permanent skin dye for tattoos that can be directly applied without a needle. It would cost more than paint or ink but the return on investment is high because more people will be willing to get tattoos if they know it won't hurt. Additionally, they will be willing to spend more money to avoid the pain. The dye would still need to be applied by a tattoo artist because it is permanent and needs to be put on carefully and precisely to avoid mistakes so it will not have any negative effects on tattoo shops and artists. In fact, due to easy and painless application the number of people getting tattoos should greatly increase and it give those who are afraid of needles a chance to get one!

An app that controls the locks, lights, alarm and other features on your car so that you can check to make sure you locked the car or turned off the lights without having to go to your car and check. It can also give you the option to switch them off or on electronically. This wouldn't cost more than it does to use the key pad to adjust this, but people would definitely pay more when they buy the car if they can use this feature considering they will pay $800 more for rubber floor mats. This will help people in many ways but especially by saving time an money if their car gets broken into or their car battery dies. The convenience factor alone would get someone to buy this for themselves.

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