Monday, April 28, 2014

Elevator Pitch/Formal Proposal Ideas

1. A cell phone: these are very needed as people, and families, are becoming much busier and need to be in communication with others while they are out and about. While at first these phones will be more expensive, you will get so much use out of it, and as technology advances the prices will go down. You will use your new phone constantly and always being able to contact family, friends and coworkers will give you peace of mind. Long distance relationships are now made easier by being in contact with them. The benefits will be improving those relationships and to society for improving connectivity in general.

2. Heated ski gloves: Frozen hands makes skiing, snowboarding or any winter activity extremely unpleasant. Having heated would allow you to enjoy these more. No more need to buy hand warmers, that clump up with gloves and don't last, and no more medical costs for frost bite. Individually, you will no longer suffer from frozen hands in the winter, and even make the unbearable task of shoveling less miserable. To society, there will be a greater sense of happiness out on the slopes and less medical emergencies.

3. iPad stand for watching TV/Movies in bed: People want to lay on their sides, or whatever is comfortable for them in bed while catching up on their TV shows or enjoying a movie without their iPad falling. This product is not very expensive, but is extremely durable and should last a long time. You will use it so much and enjoy whatever you're watching without fiddling with the position of your tablet. Standard of living will greatly increase because after a long day at work or school, laying in bed with Netflix is very relaxing but only if you can properly see the screen.

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