Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ideas for Elevator Pitch-Daniel

  1. Reverse recipe app. This would be a phone application where you can type in the ingredients you have and it provides you with recipes that you can make. It'd also provide recipes that only need a few more ingredients that you could perhaps borrow from your neighbor. In addition, you can choose recipes you'd like to make and it'll generate a grocery list for you.
    1. Need: High for people who are kitchen-challenged. The app could also incorporate suggestions for healthy meals which would make the need high in our country with the rates of obesity and heart disease.
    2. Cost effectiveness: An app would be fairly simple to design and easy to spread via the existing app markets
    3. Return on investment: Money could be made with advertisements on a free version of the app, or charging for a premium version.
    4. Benefit to standard of living:
    5. Benefit to society/humanity:
  2. Round up for charity. This would be a banking initiative led by major banking firms in the world which would allow customers to round up their transactions to the nearest dollar.
    1. Need: High for funding
    2. Cost effectiveness: These small amounts would add up fast to make a big impact in the world.
    3. Return on investment: There would be no direct profit involved, but companies and investors that lead the initiative would have the opportunity to show how much money they raise for the good of the world. This in turn would improve companies/investors public relations.
    4. Benefit to standard of living: Improve that of the world.
    5. Benefit to society/humanity: Improve :)
  3. Incorporating volunteerism into the curriculum at DU. Our motto as a school is that "We're a private university dedicated to the public good." Yet, if you polled the campus, the numbers of people dedicating a significant amount of time to the public would be low.
    1. Need: Our society has many different areas that are very much in need of volunteers, such as elderly care, feeding the homeless, etc.
    2. Cost effectiveness: Would be very low cost to implement. Likely require human resources to organize such a system.
    3. Return on investment: Spreading the DU name and really living up to our motto.
    4. Benefit to standard of living: Would increase standard of living in Denver area for less fortunate persons through help from DU students.
    5. Benefit to society/humanity: Would set an example for other schools and students to be more involved in their community and to give back.

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