Monday, April 7, 2014

Tribute Speech - 4.14 & 4.16

TIME:  5 Minutes


Please prepare a tribute speech for someone that you admire or care about, or someone you don't know but find interesting nonetheless. The context for this speech is one of the following (of your choosing): an awards ceremony, a wedding/birthday, or a funeral. You may also choose to deliver a eulogy for yourself.


Each student is to prepare a 5-minute tribute that recognizes the virtues, accomplishments and personality of the individual in question. The main objective here is to get comfortable organizing and preparing ideas. You must organize your speech in a way that is meaningful and flows in a logical way. For instance, it would be helpful to frame your speech around a uniting theme or metaphor.

The two main purposes of this speech are: to evoke emotion and to invite your audience to reflect on the life/accomplishments of the person about whom you are speaking. Think about the various techniques we've observed in the TED talks we've watched as a class that make emotional appeals (storytelling, being vulnerable, using visuals, etc.)


Pay close attention to the following when preparing your speech:

Introduction:  attention-gaining material, thesis statement, preview.
Thesis Statement:  Clear, specific, and directly related to your main points, perhaps through a unifying theme or metaphor
Conclusion:  signal end of speech, summarize main points, decisive and memorable close.

Typed outline due in class (or by email) MONDAY April 14 (even if you are presenting on the 16th).


  1. Ideas for Tribute Speech:
    -The Greatest Women I Know- My Mother
    -Ralph Waldo Emerson
    -Beyoncé Knowles- Carter

    Element/ technique from Obama eulogy speech:
    Using quotes from Nelson Mandela and referencing those quotes to oneself by reflecting on the impact/ significance of the quote.

  2. Ideas for Tribute Speech:
    -Eulogy for boyfriend
    -Eulogy for Grandma
    -Wedding toast for brother

    Element/Technique from Obama:
    I would like to speak slowly and incorporate pauses. I want to be able to fill time rather be crunched for time.

  3. Ideas for Tribute Speech:
    1) Eulogy for grandpa
    2) Wedding toast for parents
    3) Eulogy for Freddie Mercury (of Queen)
    Element/technique from Obama's eulogy for Nelson Mandela that I want to use:
    I would like to employ meaningful pauses throughout my tribute speech, in order to allow the audience to absorb what I am saying as well as punctuate certain parts of my speech. Along with this, I would like to speak more slowly so that the tribute has greater impact.

  4. Ideas:
    1. Graduation speech for my sister
    2. Award for my mom
    3. eulogy for my grandpa
    Element from Obama: I would like to change my tone, inflection and volume with the importance and meaning of what I am saying to draw attention. Along with speaking more slowly so the audience has time to process and think about what I am saying.

  5. Ideas for tribute speech:
    I have decided to do an award speech for either;
    1. Jeannette Walls
    2. Maurice Sendak
    3. Avi
    4. My mom
    5. Dr. Seuss
    I'm still narrowing down my options here but I'm hoping that tomorrow's class might make the choice a little clearer. As all of these choices are writers, I think it would be the most effective to use quotes from the authors, as Obama did for Mandela, and draw their significance from their own works.

  6. Ideas for Tribute Speech:

    1. Wedding Toast to my sister
    2. A dedication Speech to my 4 best friends
    3. A tribute to My Neighbor who passed away last year

    Element from Obamas Speech:
    Using the pauses on statements to enforce significance and portraying strong emotion when necessary

  7. Ideas for tribute speech:
    - Tribute to my mom
    - Award for a celebrity (maybe Tina Fey, not sure yet)

    One of Obama's techniques I want to use:
    - Using emotions to affect the audience and making the person seem human (not flawless)

  8. Ideas for Tribute Speech:
    1) Eulogy for my mother
    2) Award ceremony for my neighbor
    3) Wedding toast to my best friend

    And I would definitely like to use Obama's technique of dramatic pauses. I've never really noticed how effective to have a strong statement followed by silence and let it resonate throughout the room.

  9. Tribute Speech…
    1- The man who I respect - My father
    2- My best friend who (died!)
    3- The changes that happen because of money
    4- The friends who make bad changes.

    Obama's Technique...I would like to use unique words to get people excited or to use body language.

  10. 1. Eulogy for Grandfather
    2. Eulogy for Ayrton
    3. Tribute for Kimi Raikkonen

    Obama technique; strategic and powerful pauses to enforce your point and get your message across.

  11. My Idea for the speech is a topic/opportunity where I gave a tribute speech in the past. I gave a tribute speech for my sister's school's Student Senate Banquet. Usually these speeches address the person's accomplishments and how they've grown into the person they are, while giving a little insight to what makes them tick. It was an honor that my sister asked me to do hers and I wasn't happy with my speech at all. I want a redo!

    What I'd like to do that I saw in Obama's speech is break up the content and main points with pauses. I want to have clear transitions so my audience stays with me and I don't seem scattered.

  12. Ideas for Speech:
    1. Wedding toast for my younger sister
    2. Eulogy for friend who passed in high school
    3. Toast at my parents wedding

    I really like how Obama's speech uses calls for actions and encourages people to continue Mandela's life's work.

  13. 1. Tribute to my twin sister
    2. Tribute to my deceased grandmother
    3. Tribute to my brother on his weeding day
    I want to try to incorporate Obama's technique of intentional phases in my tribute speech because I feel like I have a tendency to fly through my speech.