Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Code of Conduct


  • Do's
    • Compliment Sandwich
    • Be authentic (esp. re: compliment sandwich)
    • Be direct
    • Offer suggestions for improvement
    • Balance your feedback - don't be all negative
    • Include your subjective experience with your feedback
    • Check your language, be self-reflexive 
    • Give feedback keeping in mind previous speech from that person
    • Respect others' ideas, beliefs, perspectives, etc.
    • Critique the work, not the person
    • Organize your feedback
    • Be aware of "filling quotas"
    • Include the "why"
  • Don'ts
    • Don't sugar coat
    • Don't summarize the content of the speech - unless you're trying to clarify
    • Don't make assumptions about intentions - ask questions
    • Don't hold back
    • Don't be aggressive
    • Don't compare people


  • Do's
    • Understand that feedback is subjective
    • Be open-minded
    • Ask for clarification
    • Check your ego/emotions
    • Separate feedback from personal attack
    • Don't take it personally
  • Don'ts
    • Don't be biased, try to understand where feedback is coming from
    • Don't read into critiques

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