Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ideas for Elevator Pitch-Daniel

  1. Reverse recipe app. This would be a phone application where you can type in the ingredients you have and it provides you with recipes that you can make. It'd also provide recipes that only need a few more ingredients that you could perhaps borrow from your neighbor. In addition, you can choose recipes you'd like to make and it'll generate a grocery list for you.
    1. Need: High for people who are kitchen-challenged. The app could also incorporate suggestions for healthy meals which would make the need high in our country with the rates of obesity and heart disease.
    2. Cost effectiveness: An app would be fairly simple to design and easy to spread via the existing app markets
    3. Return on investment: Money could be made with advertisements on a free version of the app, or charging for a premium version.
    4. Benefit to standard of living:
    5. Benefit to society/humanity:
  2. Round up for charity. This would be a banking initiative led by major banking firms in the world which would allow customers to round up their transactions to the nearest dollar.
    1. Need: High for funding
    2. Cost effectiveness: These small amounts would add up fast to make a big impact in the world.
    3. Return on investment: There would be no direct profit involved, but companies and investors that lead the initiative would have the opportunity to show how much money they raise for the good of the world. This in turn would improve companies/investors public relations.
    4. Benefit to standard of living: Improve that of the world.
    5. Benefit to society/humanity: Improve :)
  3. Incorporating volunteerism into the curriculum at DU. Our motto as a school is that "We're a private university dedicated to the public good." Yet, if you polled the campus, the numbers of people dedicating a significant amount of time to the public would be low.
    1. Need: Our society has many different areas that are very much in need of volunteers, such as elderly care, feeding the homeless, etc.
    2. Cost effectiveness: Would be very low cost to implement. Likely require human resources to organize such a system.
    3. Return on investment: Spreading the DU name and really living up to our motto.
    4. Benefit to standard of living: Would increase standard of living in Denver area for less fortunate persons through help from DU students.
    5. Benefit to society/humanity: Would set an example for other schools and students to be more involved in their community and to give back.

Elevator Pitch/Formal Proposal Orders


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Mary Grace


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Elevator Pitch Proposals

1. Double Screw Peanut Butter Jar:
I know that I personally become very frustrated when trying to get the last of peanut butter out of a jar, and i'm sure others do too. This would be very simple, and would only involve adding a second lid on the bottom of peanut butter jars. This would prevent yourself from getting your hands convered in peanut butter and would be very cost effective.

2. "I need it" App:
Often, I run across a situation where I need an item, but am not sure where I can get it from. With this app, you could type in item key words, and it would come up with the store nearest you that has this item. This would obviously require a significant amount of cooperation with stores around the country so that their stock information could be input.

3. Augmented Reality Map for Mountains:
While there are great websites for discovering fun activities on the mountain. This app would be designed for people on the go. It would operate similarly to "star maps" that exist today in App's. You would simply point your phone at a mountain, and through the camera it would tell you all the activities available on the mountain, the weather conditions, any hiking/skiing accidents that have occurred and provide reviews as well.

Elevator Pitch

1. Heated Intuition Liners: For skiing, it's inevitable that your feet will deal with some sort of discomfort during the season. This can either be attributed to the cold, or to the general discomfort caused by ski boots. Throughout the history of skiing, ski boots have never been described as comfortable, because they are tight, sometimes in the wrong places, they cause blood to leave your feet adding to the cold. In more recent years companies have emerged to solve the problem of discomfort in your feet while skiing. Surefoot is probably the most technical and while the company is an amazing one, it is incredibly expensive. A new rival is Intuition liners, at more affordable prices they allow users to feel comfortable in their boots as well as warm for once.

2. Art supply locator App: After first moving to Denver it was hard for me to find where I could get the supplies that I needed for my classes. Most art stores are located further away from the school than I would have hoped because I don't have a car. At home I knew where I could go to find supplies that I needed, not necessarily in an art store. An app like this would be extremely beneficial to people like me that are new to the area. This wouldn't have to be limited to art supplies but also all academic supplies and it would help avoid going on a wild chase of anything like a sketchbook.

3. App for locating fun runs: Everyone regardless of their physical fitness level loves the idea of the Color Run, Rugged Maniac, or the Electric Run. There are countless runs available; 5k, 10k, half marathon, and more. For me it's always hard to find out when these runs are going on, as well as discover new runs. The app that I am proposing is an app that groups all of these runs together, all you have to do is type in the location, as well as a key word like mud run, or Fourth of July. This app would be beneficial to a growing community of people who love to get outdoors in fun ways. Doing these runs enables people to not only try something new but have a wide variety of differing events at their fingertips to chose from.

Shannon -- Elevator Pitch

1.  The little black card.
A card that can hold absolutely everything and anything your heart desires.. The card is able to hold your license, debit, credit, plane tickets, honestly anything you can think of your little black card will be able to hold it. The need is that no one is truly able to hold all of their things without feeling like they are carrying too much. The Little black card would be a monthly subscription of only $10.00. The return on investment would be high. It will benefit the standard of living because everything will be in one place. Helping create a more organized world. 

2. Go-Food
A company that solely delivers food from many restaurants.. It's basically a delivery option that will be able to deliver you food from anyplace that supports a take out option.. You order your food online through the Go-Food app, and they will go to the restaurant and pick up your food for you and deliver it to your door. The return on investment would be high and it will benefit the standard of living because everyone will be able to have food delivered to their front door just with the click of a mouse, satisfying stomachs everywhere

3. PioneerNet
An actual functioning wireless internet connection that will be able to support the entire University of Denver campus. The return on investment would be high and it would be able to actually do its job and help create a stable internet connection for college students to use, resulting in better time management and work production. 

elevator pitch ideas

Everyone likes pandora and netflix, well why not combine the two? An app you pay for monthly that give you movies you like based off of previously watched movies and the genre or title you put in to the search. You can rate thumbs up or down to help guide the suggestions. It is very similar to netflix but you can search for movies like a particular movie you enjoyed just like you can with a song on Pandora. This way people can explore new movies and get better more customized suggestions based off of what they like. It would be a cheap fee each month (around $10) but there would be ads on the app and between movies as well. It wouldn't cost much to product because it is all electronic. Because its a monthly draft, people pay even when they are not using it and shortly the money put in will come back.

A permanent skin dye for tattoos that can be directly applied without a needle. It would cost more than paint or ink but the return on investment is high because more people will be willing to get tattoos if they know it won't hurt. Additionally, they will be willing to spend more money to avoid the pain. The dye would still need to be applied by a tattoo artist because it is permanent and needs to be put on carefully and precisely to avoid mistakes so it will not have any negative effects on tattoo shops and artists. In fact, due to easy and painless application the number of people getting tattoos should greatly increase and it give those who are afraid of needles a chance to get one!

An app that controls the locks, lights, alarm and other features on your car so that you can check to make sure you locked the car or turned off the lights without having to go to your car and check. It can also give you the option to switch them off or on electronically. This wouldn't cost more than it does to use the key pad to adjust this, but people would definitely pay more when they buy the car if they can use this feature considering they will pay $800 more for rubber floor mats. This will help people in many ways but especially by saving time an money if their car gets broken into or their car battery dies. The convenience factor alone would get someone to buy this for themselves.

Elevator Pitch Idea

1*Outdoor Lab for Denver Public Schools:
           Jefferson County schools in Colorado offer Outdoor Education Laboratory Program, known fondly as Outdoor Lab. It is an experiential learning program for 6th graders. The students go to an educational facility in the mountains (Mt. Evans or Windy Peak) and spend a week doing authentic, hands-on learning that enhances environmental stewardship, awareness, and appreciation. In the Denver Public School system, there’s no organized program similar to this one. The students are being moved towards a curriculum tied in books and are missing the experiential learning aspect.
The need is a creative and enriching program that challenges students physically and mentally to think outside the classroom. The cost would come from renting out the facility and hiring the staff to lead the students. The extra leader positions that are needed can be covered by High School leaders that would come to volunteer.
The return on investment is that with a program as unique and enriching as this, students will not only want to send their kids here in the future, but they would be willing to contribute to the learning of others in future years. The students who go will come back excited to learn and use their skills through their work.

When students are shown that people care about their education by offering unique experiences, they value education so much more. Students will look forward to becoming a 6th grader to be able to go on these trips. The society as a whole will begin to value experiential learning and take steps forward to connect education in all walks of life.

Formal Proposal Ideas

1. Hotel for the Elderly
-Old people like to travel but they need more assistance when they do so a hotel that is specialized to assist the elderly on a vacation would be very desirable. This would be very cost effective because old people will pay for the extra fee to be given the assistance they need. This would be very beneficial to the elderly population that do not get the opportunity to travel after a certain point in their lives.
2.  Tablets

- Tablets are very beneficial because they are smaller than computers but they can preform the same tasks. The are also less expensive which makes them very desirable. This would be very beneficial to standard of living because it gives the everyday person and alternate, affordable means of using a computer.
3.  College for Old People
- Many elderly people were not given the opportunity to attend college when they were younger. Now they want to learn about modern technology and history. What is Facebook? How do I make an email? A travel college for retirement homes would be very beneficial in providing knowledge to the older people of society. It would be very desirable and very profitable. This would not only help the elderly that are taking the classes but also all their family members that are constantly dragged in to teaching them how to use their iPhone or laptop.

Three ideas for the Elevator Pitch/Formal Proposal

"Get Right Calories" is a program that can calculate the calories for any products that the user put in. This program will give the user the amount of calories as soon as it asked for a product, and also this program will have almost every kind of food and it will be easy for the user to get the calories from it. I would like this program to be different from a country to another. Therefore, for example in United States, the program will calculate and gets update depending on what the people in United States have, and the same for other countries. This program will be helpful for many people and I think especially the people in my country since we almost have no way to calculate the calories. This program will be free for the first week of using it in a computer, phone, .. Etc. Moreover, it will cost the user a subscription of some packages. 100 calculation for 1$, and 200 calculation for 2$, and so on up to unlimited calculation for 10$ a year. Therefore, the application will be up to date and saver for people. In addition, if somebody wants to add the calorie of an item that is not in there, he or she will earn a 1$ for every 10 likes on the calculation they put. Therefore, this will help almost every users.

"Traffic Light Sounds", since I came here, I was shocked with the idea of having a sound in the traffic light for the blind people or to get the pedestrians’ attention while they are not looking at the light. Therefore, I really like this idea and I appreciate how people in US respect each other. I think the idea of having this sound is very helpful. However, the bad news is that I see this option in couple of the traffic lights, and I really want to have this feature in every traffic light for the people who need it. This will not cost more than 5$ for each lights because it is only a sound. Therefore, I believe this will help many people to walk save without any doubt of waiting for somebody to tell them to walk or not.

"Discovering Buddy" is an application similar to "Gas Buddy" but for almost everything in US. Since I came here, I faced many problems searching and looking for a great and save apartments. As well, I was looking for the cheapest place to buy from with good qualities. Therefore, I think an application that lead you to the great and cheap places as you want will benefit people here in US when they visit other states, and especially will help the international and US visitors to find their needs. I don't think this will cost too much, and this application will be for free for the users, but the people, companies, places, apartments, and malls will have to pay an amount from 5$ to 100$ as they put their stuff on the application. However, this application will not allow anyone to put such an ad on it before it get tests, so the users will be save while using the application.

Elevator Pitch/Formal Proposal

  1. Peanut Butter Squeeze Bottle: I've actually had a bunch of people tell me how annoying it is when they can't get the peanut butter out of the bottom of the jar, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a bottle where you would squeeze the peanut butter out instead of scooping it. I don't think it would cost any more or any less to make squeeze bottles than what it costs to make jars of peanut butter now, but less peanut butter would be wasted therefore more money would be saved. Since they wouldn't be too expensive to make, investors would be gaining money from it. This would benefit society and the standard of living because less food would be getting thrown out and wasted.
  2. Turn off group notifications: Have you ever been in a group chat and keep getting notifications when you don't want to be? I want to make an app that allows you to turn off those notifications, because I know they bother a lot of people. The app would be cheap to make and could cost about $1 for smartphone users to buy, so investors would be making money. Sometimes, we all just need a little peace and quiet and thats hard when you're a part of a group message.
  3. Game where points = food: So many people play games on their phones like Candy Crush or Flappy Bird, so I want to make a game app where the points that they receive from doing well and/or winning are converted to something (food, water, etc.) for people in a third world country who are in need. The app would be cheap to make and we would put a few ads in, as well as making it cost $1 in the app store. While investors might not make a large amount of money from this, it would be a smart investment philanthropically. This would benefit humanity because instead of privileged people just playing games for fun on their smartphones, they would actually be helping people in need. 

3 Products You Wish You Had.

Idea 1: Laptop Bed Mount

Looking to relax and spend your time in bed for the day? Don’t you want to watch your favorite TV show or maybe that movie that just came out? But you’re smart, and you know that when you lay your laptop like that on your stomach-sure it’s a belly warmer- but your computer is overheating and it can be damaged. Instead, why not acquire a bed mount, where you can easily place your laptop onto this structure and watch your movie in a comfortable position? This product would be inexpensive, yet sturdy (the equivalent of an indestructible Fisher Price toy). The product would also have a high return on investment since it would become so popular and the revenue would cause the product to at least break-even. The quality of life would increase, at least when at home. The person would be more comfortable and able to freely pursue any task as they have their laptop safely mounted to their bed and have zero worries over whether it’d overheat or fall off. So many computers get banged up from falling off beds. Essentially, this bed mount could potentially save one’s computer, ultimately saving big bucks as well!

Idea 2: Eye Camera

The human eye is equivalent to a 576-megapixel camera. This is the best camera in the world. Why not take charge of our precious tool and use it for its worth? By simply blinking, one can save a moment forever. Whether it is because of the hassle of whipping out your phone, let alone an actual camera, this product throws these scraps of metal back to where they belong. The eye camera can be installed with a small monocle (non-invasive) outside your eye that is able take and monitor your pictures. The eye camera, while expensive, is highly unique and can be available to everyone who is willing and able to purchase it. The return on investment would be extremely high as there would be a high demand and high cost for the product. Individuals will find that it will be significantly faster and easier to take a picture with their eye. But even so, this product can give back time. There is no need to wait several seconds to take out the phone, or deal with the classic“hold still!” At the blink of an eye, the time is yours.

Idea 3: No-More-Floor

In the rush of the moment with at least 50 people wanting water, I maniacally went around the restaurant pouring water. I rushed to the first man, picked up his glass, and proceeded to completely miss the glass and pour a pitcher of ice-cold water onto his pants. Never again, I said. The No-More-Floor has been finally created to banish those stressful and embarrassing moments. It is a 2 part installation kit (beverage cups and dispenser) where liquid can be poured from base of the glass up. Just select the type of cup (from trashy [solo cup disposable] to classy [wine]), place it over the dispenser, and feel the headache leave. This idea would not be as expensive as the eye camera, but definitely holds more value than the average cup. The return on investment would be moderate to high, focusing specifically on selling the product to restaurants. Customers could now place their own glass onto the dispenser (mounted into table) and refill their own glass without spilling anything. Overall, there will also be a cut in dry cleaning expenses because you'll be able to kiss those wine stains goodbye. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Elevator Pitch/Formal Proposal Ideas - Maren Blair

Idea 1: Recorder (Device that can record thoughts)
Our thoughts are the most valuable assets we possess. Some thoughts should be retained, but are forgotten because our mind is pre-occupied with distractions such as a long period of time filled with other thoughts the brain must retain or even the process of writing. This product will be expensive at first because it is cutting edge technology, however as the product becomes more of an everyday commodity rather than a luxury, the price will decrease. Because of the relatively inexpensive materials needed, this product will be make some profit but not much after the initial revelation. As a small product, it will be easily accessible. Its versatility for every human will increase the number of luxury goods who can afford and desire the device, however the standard of living will not decrease because it is not needed for survival. With a recording of your thoughts, your thoughts will have the ability to defy time connecting you and any other person who comes across your recorder.

Idea 2: Dresses with Pockets
I love sundresses. I also have little items that are on my person at all times such as keys and my cell phone. Sundresses should come with pockets. Girls should not have to hassle with purses if the problem can be solved with a little bit of extra fabric. Extra fabric will not significantly impact the price of a dress. The dress will not only still be purchased, but will be purchased faster because pockets are so useful. For dress makers, the increase in demand of dresses with pockets has the potential to result in a larger profit. If the demand is present, why not make more money by simply adjusting the sewing process? The standard of living is not expected to change because the women who buy dresses will keep buying dresses. Those who don’t buy dresses will continue to do so. An optional commodity is being modified. Optional commodities do not affect standard of living. When a girl finds a dress with pockets in her closets, she will confidently and comfortably take it off its hanger and wear that dress with pride.

Idea 3: Watch that can call 9-1-1
There are so many things a runner should have when going for a run, and yet so little space. Running is often an individual sport that requires a runner to travel long distances. Safety is a major concern. Some runners do not like to have things such as a cell phone in their hand while exercising. Yet, instant communication has become a necessity today. A quick call to 9-1-1 can save a life. The runner’s watch can be easily put on a wrist and not inhibit the performance of a runner. I propose a watch that has the ability to call 9-1-1 to keep runners safe. A watch with calling abilities will not come cheap especially if phone companies are involved, however the safety of a long distance runner who is approached by a suspicious character or who comes across an emergency situation is priceless. In addition, the call charge will not be imposed unless the watch actually makes a connection on the other line. Most of the time, the call charge is not imposed increasing the cost effectiveness of this product. The customers who buy this product value their safety above all else—even a certain amount of money—therefore, the return on investment, whether the watch services are needed or they provide more comfort, will outweigh any cost. This watch will only serve dedicated runners and will not impact the overall standard of living. This luxury is simply meant to comfort the minds of runners and their families.