Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3 Products You Wish You Had.

Idea 1: Laptop Bed Mount

Looking to relax and spend your time in bed for the day? Don’t you want to watch your favorite TV show or maybe that movie that just came out? But you’re smart, and you know that when you lay your laptop like that on your stomach-sure it’s a belly warmer- but your computer is overheating and it can be damaged. Instead, why not acquire a bed mount, where you can easily place your laptop onto this structure and watch your movie in a comfortable position? This product would be inexpensive, yet sturdy (the equivalent of an indestructible Fisher Price toy). The product would also have a high return on investment since it would become so popular and the revenue would cause the product to at least break-even. The quality of life would increase, at least when at home. The person would be more comfortable and able to freely pursue any task as they have their laptop safely mounted to their bed and have zero worries over whether it’d overheat or fall off. So many computers get banged up from falling off beds. Essentially, this bed mount could potentially save one’s computer, ultimately saving big bucks as well!

Idea 2: Eye Camera

The human eye is equivalent to a 576-megapixel camera. This is the best camera in the world. Why not take charge of our precious tool and use it for its worth? By simply blinking, one can save a moment forever. Whether it is because of the hassle of whipping out your phone, let alone an actual camera, this product throws these scraps of metal back to where they belong. The eye camera can be installed with a small monocle (non-invasive) outside your eye that is able take and monitor your pictures. The eye camera, while expensive, is highly unique and can be available to everyone who is willing and able to purchase it. The return on investment would be extremely high as there would be a high demand and high cost for the product. Individuals will find that it will be significantly faster and easier to take a picture with their eye. But even so, this product can give back time. There is no need to wait several seconds to take out the phone, or deal with the classic“hold still!” At the blink of an eye, the time is yours.

Idea 3: No-More-Floor

In the rush of the moment with at least 50 people wanting water, I maniacally went around the restaurant pouring water. I rushed to the first man, picked up his glass, and proceeded to completely miss the glass and pour a pitcher of ice-cold water onto his pants. Never again, I said. The No-More-Floor has been finally created to banish those stressful and embarrassing moments. It is a 2 part installation kit (beverage cups and dispenser) where liquid can be poured from base of the glass up. Just select the type of cup (from trashy [solo cup disposable] to classy [wine]), place it over the dispenser, and feel the headache leave. This idea would not be as expensive as the eye camera, but definitely holds more value than the average cup. The return on investment would be moderate to high, focusing specifically on selling the product to restaurants. Customers could now place their own glass onto the dispenser (mounted into table) and refill their own glass without spilling anything. Overall, there will also be a cut in dry cleaning expenses because you'll be able to kiss those wine stains goodbye. 

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