Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog Post Assignment 4.30.14

Please review the Elevator Pitch/Formal Proposal Assignment and post to the blog three (3) or more ideas for this assignment. For each idea, please assess the following and give a brief description:

  • the need for your proposed idea
  • the cost effectiveness of your proposed idea
  • the return on investment of your proposed idea
  • the benefit to standard of living resulting from your proposed idea
  • the benefit to society/humanity resulting from your proposed idea

Due Wednesday at the beginning of class


  1. 1. NanaShield: My idea is having a case that can hold all your fruits for you in cases, separately, by giving each fruit its own case. It will allow people to not have bruised fruit when they put fruit in their bag. My product is very cost effective because we can list the price at only a dollar so it will be very affordable for everyone as well. The return on investment would be very high considering that costs will be low for this product. This would benefit the standard of living because it would allow people to afford this product without any constraint on their budget. The benefit for humanity that this product brings would be that people will not have to deal with bruised fruits anymore. This product is very durable and will last a long time.

    2. APP for Music- This app that I would like to create would be very easy and cheap to make, but also very affordable. THe app will allow people to hear music that either corresponds with their emotions, conflicts with their emotions( i.e. when your sad it plays happy music), and can also change music based on your location. The need for this product is huge considering that there is not music app that does this and everyone that is already created is out of date with the categories they have and the music that plays in that category. My product will be very cheap, probably 1 dollar, and therefore will be very cost effective. THis product will also have a high return of investment because so many people by apps. This also will help with the standard of living because people will be able to buy this app whenever, even when they are on the go, which will make it much more convenient for people. The benefit to humanity would be that we will finally have a music app that will not be beat and it will allow us to be happy during the day because they are listening to music.

    3. 3D printer- There is a huge need for this product because of the amazing things that it can do. Out of silicone, it can make anything you want in the word and print it out in a 3D version. It also can help the medicine world a lot for things such as transplants and creation of prosthetic body parts. That is also why the return of investment is so big with this product. It is because everybody will want it in every field of work. It will also benefit the standard of living because people will just be able to print out whatever they want rather then needing to pay for it at a store. It will also help with humanity because it will make people happy that they can just print whatever they want out at the press of a button. The cost of this product is high but it is a durable product and will last a long time.

  2. 1. A Magnetic Shark Net
    When swimming in the ocean, the threat of shark attacks is a rather large concern. An electromagnetic shark ‘net’ placed between the drop off point and the shore would keep sharks and other dangerous fish, rays, and skates from entering areas of high human traffic. The cost would be minimal, because it has been shown that simple magnets deter sharks due to the sensitivity of their lateral lines and ampullae of Lorenzini. It would require divers to plant the magnets in the designated locations. Though shark attacks are very rare, this would see to it that they become virtually non-existent. Fewer injuries due to shark attacks and increased peace of mind while swimming are the result.

    2. Take-Apart Brayers
    Brayers are very difficult to clean because the roller moves continuously and there are so many sides that must be reached and cleansed. A brayer that can be taken apart after use and cleaned as two separate pieces (the handle and the roller) would save a lot of time and cleaning supplies. Also, there would be no more risk of having paint ruined because the sides of the brayer were improperly cleaned. Overall, it would help the art community.

    3. Edible Paint
    Paint often looks really interesting, and sometimes even appetizing. For painters, it is impossible to eat and work due to the risk of the project getting ruined. If paint were edible, there would be no leftover, unused paint because it could be consumed. It would be priced the same as other paints, and could be sold to artists and cooks alike. It would be the end of the ‘starving artist’.