Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sarah Tornatzky's Elevator Pitch

Colorado Colleges Campus Guide App; This app would be similar to other navigation apps, however it would be applicable to all college campuses in Colorado. It would have both an easily accessible overview of campuses, showing where every on-campus building is, as well as other campus qualities such as food locations, bus stops, athletic facilities, etc. It would be like a map, but with a lot more “stuff” to it. Through partnerships with all on board college campuses, our company would give customers the comfort of an app that helps plot their routes all around campuses. Our app would provide the most efficient and easy way for all users to plan their trips ahead of time. It would be a great and useful app for those who are either new to campus, or are curious prospective students. The cost effectiveness of this application is varied. While it is an app that a lot of people would benefit from would benefit from, the only profit I would assume to be would be from the first initial app purchase. On the other hand, the benefits to a new standard of college visiting are noteworthy. This app would reduce time full of confusion for many; give an easier setting to base their visits from, and more, increasing customer satisfaction.

Heated ski boots; Freezing cold temperatures lead to freezing cold body parts, and a terrible skiing experience at times. Enjoying the mountain doesn’t have to be impossible in that cold January weather anymore. Having heated boots would allow people to enjoy their experiences a lot more, at the end of the day. There won’t be a constant need to buy foot warmers anymore, and at the end of the day, this product would save people money over time (considering people who buy this product would have otherwise bought themselves foot warmers forever). In general, there will be a higher population of people on the slopes.

Illegal Pete’s Delivery: The opportunity to have Illegal Pete’s deliver would enhance not only the company’s profits, but over all likability and popularity on DU’s campus. People won’t have to wait in long lines anymore. Instead, they could have the option to stay home and have hot food delivered right to their door, hassle free. Although it might be a few dollars extra, I personally see no downside to this investment. People at the end of the day can either choose to go out and enjoy their meal, or enjoy Illegal Pete’s wonderful delivery service.

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