Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Three ideas for the Elevator Pitch/Formal Proposal

"Get Right Calories" is a program that can calculate the calories for any products that the user put in. This program will give the user the amount of calories as soon as it asked for a product, and also this program will have almost every kind of food and it will be easy for the user to get the calories from it. I would like this program to be different from a country to another. Therefore, for example in United States, the program will calculate and gets update depending on what the people in United States have, and the same for other countries. This program will be helpful for many people and I think especially the people in my country since we almost have no way to calculate the calories. This program will be free for the first week of using it in a computer, phone, .. Etc. Moreover, it will cost the user a subscription of some packages. 100 calculation for 1$, and 200 calculation for 2$, and so on up to unlimited calculation for 10$ a year. Therefore, the application will be up to date and saver for people. In addition, if somebody wants to add the calorie of an item that is not in there, he or she will earn a 1$ for every 10 likes on the calculation they put. Therefore, this will help almost every users.

"Traffic Light Sounds", since I came here, I was shocked with the idea of having a sound in the traffic light for the blind people or to get the pedestrians’ attention while they are not looking at the light. Therefore, I really like this idea and I appreciate how people in US respect each other. I think the idea of having this sound is very helpful. However, the bad news is that I see this option in couple of the traffic lights, and I really want to have this feature in every traffic light for the people who need it. This will not cost more than 5$ for each lights because it is only a sound. Therefore, I believe this will help many people to walk save without any doubt of waiting for somebody to tell them to walk or not.

"Discovering Buddy" is an application similar to "Gas Buddy" but for almost everything in US. Since I came here, I faced many problems searching and looking for a great and save apartments. As well, I was looking for the cheapest place to buy from with good qualities. Therefore, I think an application that lead you to the great and cheap places as you want will benefit people here in US when they visit other states, and especially will help the international and US visitors to find their needs. I don't think this will cost too much, and this application will be for free for the users, but the people, companies, places, apartments, and malls will have to pay an amount from 5$ to 100$ as they put their stuff on the application. However, this application will not allow anyone to put such an ad on it before it get tests, so the users will be save while using the application.

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