Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Elevator Pitch

1. Heated Intuition Liners: For skiing, it's inevitable that your feet will deal with some sort of discomfort during the season. This can either be attributed to the cold, or to the general discomfort caused by ski boots. Throughout the history of skiing, ski boots have never been described as comfortable, because they are tight, sometimes in the wrong places, they cause blood to leave your feet adding to the cold. In more recent years companies have emerged to solve the problem of discomfort in your feet while skiing. Surefoot is probably the most technical and while the company is an amazing one, it is incredibly expensive. A new rival is Intuition liners, at more affordable prices they allow users to feel comfortable in their boots as well as warm for once.

2. Art supply locator App: After first moving to Denver it was hard for me to find where I could get the supplies that I needed for my classes. Most art stores are located further away from the school than I would have hoped because I don't have a car. At home I knew where I could go to find supplies that I needed, not necessarily in an art store. An app like this would be extremely beneficial to people like me that are new to the area. This wouldn't have to be limited to art supplies but also all academic supplies and it would help avoid going on a wild chase of anything like a sketchbook.

3. App for locating fun runs: Everyone regardless of their physical fitness level loves the idea of the Color Run, Rugged Maniac, or the Electric Run. There are countless runs available; 5k, 10k, half marathon, and more. For me it's always hard to find out when these runs are going on, as well as discover new runs. The app that I am proposing is an app that groups all of these runs together, all you have to do is type in the location, as well as a key word like mud run, or Fourth of July. This app would be beneficial to a growing community of people who love to get outdoors in fun ways. Doing these runs enables people to not only try something new but have a wide variety of differing events at their fingertips to chose from.

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