Monday, April 28, 2014

Elevator Pitch/Formal Proposal Assignment

TIME:  7 Minutes


The purpose of this speech is to give you an opportunity to practice researching and presenting ideas in a structured way. Much like you would research and cite information in a paper, you will be expected to present justification for the information you are presenting. Your assignment is to prepare BOTH a 60-second elevator pitch, and then a formal, in-depth proposal for a new product, method, innovation etc. Your ideas should stem from your interests (academically, socially, or other). You may either propose an idea that is uniquely yours and as yet untested OR you may propose something that has already been invented (for example, you can propose the idea of the microwave, but you must do research as to the time period and context of it's invention, and perform your speech as if we are all living in that moment in the past), but either way your burden is to convince us as to how this idea differs from what has already been offered to the public.

Pay close attention to the following when preparing your speech:

Introduction:  attention-gaining material, thesis statement, preview.
Thesis Statement:  Clear, specific, and directly related to your main points.
Conclusion:  signal end of speech, summarize main points, decisive close.
Outline:  Typed, proofread, passed in prior to speech
Reference: Within your outline you must have at least 3 references

Practice, practice, practice!! (5 times)  

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