Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Elevator Pitch Proposals

1. Double Screw Peanut Butter Jar:
I know that I personally become very frustrated when trying to get the last of peanut butter out of a jar, and i'm sure others do too. This would be very simple, and would only involve adding a second lid on the bottom of peanut butter jars. This would prevent yourself from getting your hands convered in peanut butter and would be very cost effective.

2. "I need it" App:
Often, I run across a situation where I need an item, but am not sure where I can get it from. With this app, you could type in item key words, and it would come up with the store nearest you that has this item. This would obviously require a significant amount of cooperation with stores around the country so that their stock information could be input.

3. Augmented Reality Map for Mountains:
While there are great websites for discovering fun activities on the mountain. This app would be designed for people on the go. It would operate similarly to "star maps" that exist today in App's. You would simply point your phone at a mountain, and through the camera it would tell you all the activities available on the mountain, the weather conditions, any hiking/skiing accidents that have occurred and provide reviews as well.

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