Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Boby Language

While watching my tribute speech I noticed I few trends in my body language that took away from the success of my speech. I could tell that all the stress and fear I was experiencing was leading to tension in my neck, I would tilt my neck every once in a while especially during uncomfortable parts of my speech. I also grip the sides of the podium most likely because I find comfort in holding something and especially squeezing something. I twist my hips throughout my speech, I believe this is because of my pelvic plexuses.
My goals for improving my body language are to stand still through out my speech, to focus all my weight on the balls of my feet rather than rocking back and forth. I also need to be able to take my hands of the podium because it can be distracting when they are sliding over the side of the it and if they are off the podium certain hand movements can be useful in my speeches.

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