Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Neda's Speech Prep Tools - Advocacy Speech

Service learning is the time where the real world experience aligns with materials covered in class, and technical skills are developed for the future. To be able to fully connect learning in all aspects of life, the University of Denver should truly embrace being dedicated to the public good by installing a service learning component to the common curriculum to get students outside the classroom to be proactive and passionate in the community and in their learning.

Potential Counter Arguments:
·      How do we make this service meaningful, and not just another thing to check off the list?
·      The logistics of finding rides and coordinating times

Goals for Improving Vocal Technique:
1.     Slow down when delivering a content-filled sentence. This would allow the audience to follow along easier.

2.     Keep my voice strong throughout each sentence throughout the speech to maintain credibility even when I’m unsure of what I’m saying.

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