Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Neda's Body Language Analysis

After watching my video on mute, I thought all that I was doing was so strange! The speech was my first speech, but I had to remember the context to make sense of what I was doing. I noticed that not only did I move a lot, but I also used my hands constantly. Not hearing the sound made the constant movement of my hands intriguing and the main point of focus throughout the speech. Seeing my hands move to emphasize a point or continue the flow of the story was by far the main thing I noticed. I’m not sure if it’s considered a distraction, but my motions where mainly revolving around my core. It made me open up and tell a story by opening up my core and interacting with that energy.  I also noticed how many facial expressions I made throughout the speech. These tied in with my hand movements made watching myself awkward to me, but engaging and entertaining overall.

1.     Not move my hands too much unless I’m emphasizing a point
2.     Rest my shoulders more to look even more relaxed in front of the room
3.     Not allow my arms to hover in front of my core by keeping them by my sides in order to open my chest more when speaking

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