Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shannon O'Mara -- Body Language Analysis Assignment

I was nervous to watch myself perform such an emotional speech and really analyze the movements of my body and dig deep into what those movements meant. As I began to watch the video I found that my head tilted to the left and right and down, I never really held my head steady throughout my performance. I think that directly relates  to the burden area of my shoulders and neck. By doing this speech I began to feel that weight of the world sense of grief that I felt when Drake did die. Another area was my throat which also relates back to the emotional sense of the inability to share emotions and feelings. One of my biggest challenges was to really portray the emotion and loss that I felt when Drake died. 
I did like the choice I made of placing my hands on the podium, I felt as if this helped my speech in a positive way because it was a sentimental and reflective speech so it did not need the distraction of hand gestures. My 3 goals for body postural are, keep my head leveled, don't hide my hands behind the podium (for the advocacy speech), and then resist from swaying and rocking while standing behind the podium. 

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