Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Daniel Mason Advocacy Speech Ideas

Rough Thesis: One in nine people (790 million) worldwide doesn't have access to improved sources of drinking water (UN Water). One in eight people (870 million) in the world suffer from chronic undernourishment, and almost all of them (852 million) live in developing countries. We live in a world with enough resources to provide every single human being a basic quality of life and dignity. It isn't fair that there are still countries where the norm is waiting to name your child because you're not sure if they will live to see their fifth birthday and you don't want to get attached. Nutrition related factors contribute to about 45% of deaths in children under five. It is time that people in developed countries give up a bit of luxury in order to provide a basic quality of life for all. It's time for the Global Fund for Humanity where all global citizens are required to pay a tax to the United Nations to be used for short-term emergency food and water assistance and long-term food and water infrastructure in developing countries.

Counter arguments:
  1. This is logistically impossible.
  2. This would lead to unsustainable population growth. 
  3. You can't force other countries to pay a tax.

Vocal Technique Goals:

  1. Integrate passion and emotion into my voice in order to enhance the pathos appeal of my argument
  2. Avoid using filler words such as "like" or "umm"
  3. Incorporate dramatic pauses to drive home important points 

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