Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Elevator Pitch/Formal Proposal Ideas - Maren Blair

Idea 1: Recorder (Device that can record thoughts)
Our thoughts are the most valuable assets we possess. Some thoughts should be retained, but are forgotten because our mind is pre-occupied with distractions such as a long period of time filled with other thoughts the brain must retain or even the process of writing. This product will be expensive at first because it is cutting edge technology, however as the product becomes more of an everyday commodity rather than a luxury, the price will decrease. Because of the relatively inexpensive materials needed, this product will be make some profit but not much after the initial revelation. As a small product, it will be easily accessible. Its versatility for every human will increase the number of luxury goods who can afford and desire the device, however the standard of living will not decrease because it is not needed for survival. With a recording of your thoughts, your thoughts will have the ability to defy time connecting you and any other person who comes across your recorder.

Idea 2: Dresses with Pockets
I love sundresses. I also have little items that are on my person at all times such as keys and my cell phone. Sundresses should come with pockets. Girls should not have to hassle with purses if the problem can be solved with a little bit of extra fabric. Extra fabric will not significantly impact the price of a dress. The dress will not only still be purchased, but will be purchased faster because pockets are so useful. For dress makers, the increase in demand of dresses with pockets has the potential to result in a larger profit. If the demand is present, why not make more money by simply adjusting the sewing process? The standard of living is not expected to change because the women who buy dresses will keep buying dresses. Those who don’t buy dresses will continue to do so. An optional commodity is being modified. Optional commodities do not affect standard of living. When a girl finds a dress with pockets in her closets, she will confidently and comfortably take it off its hanger and wear that dress with pride.

Idea 3: Watch that can call 9-1-1
There are so many things a runner should have when going for a run, and yet so little space. Running is often an individual sport that requires a runner to travel long distances. Safety is a major concern. Some runners do not like to have things such as a cell phone in their hand while exercising. Yet, instant communication has become a necessity today. A quick call to 9-1-1 can save a life. The runner’s watch can be easily put on a wrist and not inhibit the performance of a runner. I propose a watch that has the ability to call 9-1-1 to keep runners safe. A watch with calling abilities will not come cheap especially if phone companies are involved, however the safety of a long distance runner who is approached by a suspicious character or who comes across an emergency situation is priceless. In addition, the call charge will not be imposed unless the watch actually makes a connection on the other line. Most of the time, the call charge is not imposed increasing the cost effectiveness of this product. The customers who buy this product value their safety above all else—even a certain amount of money—therefore, the return on investment, whether the watch services are needed or they provide more comfort, will outweigh any cost. This watch will only serve dedicated runners and will not impact the overall standard of living. This luxury is simply meant to comfort the minds of runners and their families.

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