Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Max Vocal Analysis Assignment

The contexts between the two vocal clips were entirely different because one took place in the classroom in the form of a presentation in front of my peers and the other took place in my apartment with my roommate. In the classroom, I have a more professional dynamic and adhere to more rigid social expectations due to it being a classroom environment. At home, I am much more laid back and less serious. The average pitch and loudness in both of my vocal recordings was about 58 and -26, respectively, for both audio clips. However, in the classroom, I'm more consistent with my pitch and loudness whereas at home it would fluctuate almost sporadically. Subjective qualitites that I noticed were a difference in vernacular. I tend to stutter, say "uhm", speak in slang and go on tangents when I'm speaking at home. By comparison, in the classroom my thoughts and sentences are better organized and well-thought out.

I did not tend to mimic my roommate's voice, nor did I really dominate or take an opposing role. We have a good power dynamic that compliments each other, so we sort of ping-pong back and forth. However, my roommate was a little tired at the time of the recording, so it is possible that I spoke over him at points. It is interesting to analyze the difference between my speech patterns in different contexts. While my average pitch and loudness doesn't have much of a differentiation from each other, I do tend to be more dynamic with my pitch and loudness when in a more colloquial context than in a professional one. Seemingly at random I'll get louder, more passionate, or quieter when speaking with my roommate, however this is not something that happens when speaking publicly.

I recommend that I try to organize my thoughts a little bit better the next time I try to give a speech in the more professional manner that was the elevator pitches and formal proposals. I feel like I didn't come across as clear and structured as I intended or had practiced. To achieve a better organization of my thoughts I would focus on not talking as fast and on pausing more. This way, I would have moments to collect my thoughts, transition, and move onto the next topic a little better, unlike when I speak very quickly in my speeches.

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