Monday, April 21, 2014

Jessi's CPR for Caitlin

CPR – Caitlin's Tribute Speech

Caitlin began by announcing that her sister is graduating from college and that was the reason she was speaking. Quickly, it became evident that she was speaking not just about her sister's accomplishments that led to this success, but of their relationship along the way. Using descriptions of moments shared and personality traits that clashed, Caitlin spoke to the fact that not only is her sister incredible, she inspires others to be the same way.





One of the most effective devices in this speech was the use of the second person narrative. The speech was delivered as if Caitlin's sister was there and being spoken to directly. Despite this fact, the speech was still made relate-able to everyone else that would also be there. For example, the sharing of personal stories that connect them as sisters serves as a personal moment for the speaker and her sister and as an insightful moment into their relationship for everyone else. Also, delivering the speech in such a way makes it seem more personable overall. Many people think of graduation speeches as rehearsed and impersonal, but this speech contradicts both of those stereotypes by incorporating the recipient of the speech into the delivery.

One moment of distraction occurs towards the end of the speech where Caitlin is remarking on how she had trouble last winter and her sister helped her to pull through. After that, the speech becomes about Caitlin for a little while and it is not clear to me where her sister fits in to some of the anecdotes. For example, being asked to leave the table for laughing and fall off her chair. I wonder if it was her sister that made her laugh, or else why it is relevant to her sister specifically. However, just before the end of the speech it goes back to connecting the stories of the sisters together. There is just that little while where the anecdotes about Caitlin don't seem to correspond directly with her sister, and I get lost trying to follow the connection.

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  1. This is a very (for lack of a better word) NUTRITIOUS CPR that gives excellent insight (providing examples and clear feedback of +/-) along with a uniquely structured and inspirational poetic response. Fantastic.