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CPR Homework Assignment/Reading Guide

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Alexander’s Poetic Critical Response

  • Consideration of the speech as a whole as well as a consideration of its parts
  • Pedagogy, pedagogical = of or relating to teaching
  • Poetics - Aristotle versus Bakhtin, outcome versus intention
    • Aristotle - poetic art produces psychological effects in its audience (outcome)
    • Bakhtin - poetic art is used to produce certain psychological effects in the audience (intention)
  • Aesthetic acts - acts that can be evaluated/judged/interpreted based on subjective response, the evoking of emotions or perceptions of beauty (so, depending on how you look at it, almost anything!)
  • Alexander’s CPR:
    • What: “the use of gesture, focus, voice; the construction and articulation of thought; the setting, scene, and environmental conditions established by the student for the reception of this performance; the intention behind the performance (ideological critique, argument, publication, etc.);”
    • Immediate, Descriptive Responses: “...use description to recreate the performance from the moment that the student entered the scene.”
    • Evaluative: “...cite moments of particular effectiveness, contrast them with moments of distraction”
      • How: “How effective were these choices? How clear were the arguments, characters, and interpretations? How did I respond to the aesthetic communication of the performance as a whole?”
        -In greater detail - successes: “memorable gestures, phrases, emphases, pauses, characterization details.  

        -In greater detail - problems: “character slippage, lack of familiarity with the text, nervousness, vagueness in interpretation or argument”

Assignment: Please create and post to the blog a CPR for your partner's speech and answer the below online discussion question. Extra participation points will be given to those who comment on fellow students' posts.

Structure of the CPR:
1.) The what of the speech - Immediate Descriptive Response: 1-3 sentences of description to recreate the speech from the moment the speaker entered the scene.

2.) Creative Poetic Response - use creative prose or poetry to describe your subjective feelings and reactions to the speech

3.) The how of the speech - Evaluative descriptions:
  • Think about the speech as a whole:
    • What were the moments of effectiveness?
    • What were the moments of distraction?

*Discussion Question: Why does Alexander advocate for using a poetic/artistic response to evaluate student performances?

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