Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Past/Present/Future Speech Assignment

ASSIGNMENT: Past/Present/Future Speech
Due Date: 4.2.14

The purpose of this assignment is to get a small taste of public speaking and to practice achieving a comfort level necessary to exude the authenticity to connect to your audience on a personal level. Your goal will be to introduce yourself to your classmates by incorporating 3 carefully selected objects from your home. The items should represent your past, your present, and your future, and should work together to tell a story about who you are in that they represent cohesive variations on a theme. Additionally, please enclose these items in a bag/box/container of some sort that is also symbolic of your speech’s theme.
You will want structure your speech around telling your audience about how these three items represent you, what they mean to you, and where you got them. This will help introduce you to the class while also giving you a chance to work with presentation aides, and practice flow and format.

Pay close attention to the following when preparing your speech:
  • Introduction: attention-gaining material, thesis statement, preview.
  • Thesis Statement: Clear, specific, and directly related to your main points.
  • Conclusion: signal end of speech, summarize main points, decisive close.
  • Outline: Typed, proofread, passed in prior to speech
  • Practice, practice, practice!!

Speech length: 4 minutes
Speeches will be recorded and uploaded to DU Video Manager. At 4 minutes, an alarm will go off, and at 5 minutes you will be cut off.

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